How we got here (History of petition)

August 6th - The Recovering Pastor (Rob Anderson) posts the "Declaration of Independence from Covid Tyranny and Discrimination on Facebook asking people to join the Declaration

September 14th - Letter to the Editor published by "Letter: 100 area residents sign 'Declaration of Independence from Covid Tyranny & Discrimination.'

September 14th - Clark County Republican Party Executive Team votes & passes a resolution... "That the Republican Party of Clark County calls on all elected officials &

candidates for office within Clark County to vigilantly speak & act to end Inslee’s discriminatory Covid Vaccine & Mask orders. In particular, the Clark County Council acting as the Board of Health, having a Republican majority, must offer & pass immediately to BAN ALL MANDATES OR ORDERS WHICH FACILITATES DISCRIMINATION AMONG OUR CITIZENRY, WHICH INCLUDES COVID MASK OR VACCINE MANDATES OR ORDERS.

Signed memorandum authorizing signature gathering for petition.pdf

September 14th - Online petition begins to gather virtual support for the Declaration and Call on the Clark County Council to take action to ban all mandates that discriminate.

September 22nd - Board of Health (all members are Clark County Councilors) meet virtually & closed to the public ignores the 45-50 mins of public comments as well as the 3,800+ online "signers" that call on the Council to pass the ban.

September 27th - Begin the filing process with the Clark County Elections department.

October 4th - Clark County Elections department approves the petition and authorizes signature gathering.

October 9th - Launch the Petition effort at a Medical Freedom event. This begins the effort with a focus on getting petition locations established.

October 30th - With over 20+ locations throughout Clark County, a new phase focusing on the public and gather signatures with a SIDEWALK PROTEST Event that includes a pre-protest event with several speakers and swarms SR503 to gather signatures and engage the public regarding the petition.