How we got here (History of petition)

August 6th - The Recovering Pastor (Rob Anderson) posts the "Declaration of Independence from Covid Tyranny and Discrimination on Facebook asking people to join the Declaration

September 14th - Letter to the Editor published by "Letter: 100 area residents sign 'Declaration of Independence from Covid Tyranny & Discrimination.'

September 14th - Clark County Republican Party Executive Team votes & passes a resolution... "That the Republican Party of Clark County calls on all elected officials &

candidates for office within Clark County to vigilantly speak & act to end Inslee’s discriminatory Covid Vaccine & Mask orders. In particular, the Clark County Council acting as the Board of Health, having a Republican majority, must offer & pass immediately to BAN ALL MANDATES OR ORDERS WHICH FACILITATES DISCRIMINATION AMONG OUR CITIZENRY, WHICH INCLUDES COVID MASK OR VACCINE MANDATES OR ORDERS.

September 14th - Online petition begins to gather virtual support for the Declaration and Call on the Clark County Council to take action to ban all mandates that discriminate.

September 22nd - Board of Health (all members are Clark County Councilors) meet virtually & closed to the public ignores the 45-50 mins of public comments as well as the 3,800+ online "signers" that call on the Council to pass the ban.

September 27th - Begin the filing process with the Clark County Elections department.

October 4th - Clark County Elections department approves the petition and authorizes signature gathering.

October 9th - Launch the Petition effort at a Medical Freedom event. This begins the effort with a focus on getting petition locations established.

October 30th - With over 20+ locations throughout Clark County, a new phase focusing on the public and gather signatures with a SIDEWALK PROTEST Event that includes a pre-protest event with several speakers and swarms SR503 to gather signatures and engage the public regarding the petition.

November 30th- Submitted 11,505 signatures on 1,185 pages to the Clark County Elections Department for verification.

December 30th- Official word came from the Elections Department that 8,316 signatures were verified and the petition is being forwarded to the County Manager

Certification of Sufficiency of Mini-Initiative 2021-1-MI.pdf